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Fuel Cell Car & Experiments - 10th Anniversary Edition
Fuel Cell 10
Car & Experiments

Pour in the water and watch it separate
into hydrogen and oxygen, forming a gas
 to power your vehicle across the floor.
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Renewable Energy - Wind Power Science Kit
Renewable Energy Science Kit
Wind Power

Build a working wind turbine to
harness power out of thin air.

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Introduction to Electronics - Electronics Workshop 1
Introduction to Electronics
Electronics Workshop

Discover the digital world with this unique introduction to electronics.
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The Dangerous Book for Boys - Essential Electronics
The Dangerous Book for Boys
Electronic Essentials

Based on the bestselling children’s book The
Dangerous Book for Boys, this kit presents
electronics every kid should know through fun.
engaging, and impressive experiments and

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Global Warming Science Kit
Global Warming - Science Kit

Study the steady increase in Earth’s
air and ocean temperatures since
the mid-20th century

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Power House - Green House Essentials
Power House
Green Essentials

To live sustain ably, we must use Earth’s
resources at a rate at which they can be
replenished, and thus provide for future
generations to live as we have.

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Genetics & DNA Science Kit
Genetics & DNA
Science Kit

Head into the lab for an in-depth investigation
of genetics, the branch of biology focused on
heredity and variation in organisms, and DNA,
the acid that holds the blueprints for life.

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Chem 3000 Science Kit
Chem 3000 Science Kit

CHEM C3000 is the ultimate chemistry kit.
By performing 360 fascinating and fun
experiments in a complete and well-balanced
curriculum, you will learn first-hand every
fundamental principle of this essential science,
and more.

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*New Item*
Uncle Miltons - LightCast
Interactive music light show
Visualize your music by
connecting lightcar to your iPod
or ANY audio source. Four Music modes.

Connects to iPods and Mp3 Players.

*New Item*
Insectlores - Butterfly Bungalow
A really unique hands-on, hands-in
 live butterfly experience! Butterfly
Bungalow™ makes the magic of
metamorphosis  personal!

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*New Item*
Milestones of Science
Embark on an active research expedition
through the history of science and

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*New Item*
Insectlores - Beetle Barn
Follow the lifecycle of the mealworm
with this easy-to-raise easy-to-do kit.
Just mail away for the larvae and
discover insect metamorphosis first
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*New Item*
Uncle Miltons - Rainbow in my room
An amazing rainbow projector.
Project a beautiful rainbow across
your walls and ceiling!

*New Item*
The Candy Factory
Factual or fictional, the great names in
the history of candy making all share
one thing

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Blokus Game -Kids and Adult Game

Blokus -Tactics Game
The cornerstone of strategy.
Europe's 2002 game of the

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Kids Games


Logibot - Remote Control Robot

R/C Capsela

Interactive remote-controlled

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*New Item*
HomeStar - Optical Star Projector
Enjoy an amazing starry night view
in the comfort of your own home with
pro series planetarium. Watch as a
crystal-clear, rotating field of 10,000
stars is projected on your ceiling or
wall - with random streaking comets.

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Capsela #73 - Power Start

Power Start Capsela # 73
Many robot kits, each kits able to build
many different robot projects
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Capsela Kits - Robot Project


Play Ground Swimming Pool - Inflatable Swimming Pools

Playground - Swimming Pool
90" x 90" Includes water slide,
wading pool, water sprayer, ring
toss game (with three inflatable
rings), sea snake and ball toss
hoop (four 31/8" (8cm) plastic
play balls included)

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Life Vests

Child - Life Vests
U.S. Coast Guard Approved
Soft, Durable, Comfortable,
Easy-to-Clean, Vinyl-Coated, Closed
cell foam vest for the entire family. It
features automatic slat-back size
adjustment and kwik-snap buckles.

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Spice up classroom and home school
management and practice on math facts,
spelling, history, science terms - anything
in your curriculum.

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Pool Floats

KingKool Lounger - Pool Float
61" x 35" (155cm x 89cm),
12 Ga. (0.30mm)
Vinyl, Transparent Top Panels with
multicolored s-beams Pearlescent
Silver and Blue, 2 Air Chambers,
Drink Holder, Armrests and Backrest
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