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Educational Insights Products

Children's Books - My First Dictionary

Ez Stampers, Ez Stamp Kit Of 12 Stamps

Arts & Crafts - Make -A- Mask Kits

Children's Clothes - Art Apron

Poster - Endangered Animal Growth Chart

Children's Clothes - Anatomy Apron

Children's Games - Phonics Firefly

Children's Games - Phonics Lab & Accessories

Children's Games - Magnetic Chess

Children's Games - Magnetic Chinese Checkers

Heximania Word Game, Heximania

Regatta Strategy Game, Regatta Board Game

Travel Blokus - Strategy Board Game

Rumis, Rumis Game

Zigzag Board Game, Zigzag Game

Children's Games - Blokus Game


Isolate Board Game

School Money Class Set, School Money Class Set ( Paper & Coins )

Children's Games - Dino Tic Tac Toe

School Money (110 Coins) - Teacher Products

Children's Games - Traverse Game

Shapes Up Strategy Game, Shapes Up Board Game

Children's Math Games - Counting Cat

Hows And Whys Of Science Kit, Hows & Whys Of Science

Solar Science Kit, Solar Science

Children's Games - Lewis and Clark Game

Children's Posters - Lewis and Clark Poster

Children's Puzzles - Lewis and Clark Puzzle

Coliseum - Brick and Mortar Projects

Puzzles - Brick and Mortar Empire State Building

Puzzles - Statue of Liberty Brick & Mortar

Puzzles - Great Wall Brick & Mortar Projects

The Alamo - Brick and Mortar Projects

London Bridges - Brick and Mortar Projects

Airplanes & Gliders - Top Secret Fyler (4 Pack)

Otto The Electronic Sensor Robot, Otto, Electronic Sensor Robot

Electronic Science Kits - Logiblocs - Alarm Lab

Electronic Science Kits - Logiblocs - Electric-Eye Lab

Electronic Science Kits - Logiblocs - Surveillance Lab

Electronic Science Kits - Logiblocs -Spy-Tech Lab

Electronic Science Kits - Logiblocs -Super Inventors Lab

Electronic Science Kits - Logiblocks School Edition

Capsela - Remote Controlled Robot Toy

Puzzles - Coinstruction Large Set (Classic Gray)

Puzzles - Coinstruction Robot (MultiColored)

Puzzles - Coinstruction Castle (Multicolored)

Puzzles - Coinstruction Bi-Plane (MultiColored)

Coinstruction Super Set

Coinstructoin Mega Set, Coinstruction Mega Set

Creativity Kits - Design & Drill

Children's Electronic games - Micro Brains (Sports, Pop Culture and Planet Earth)

Natural Science - Camarasaurus Skull

Natural Science - Triceratops Skull

Natural Science - Tyrannosaurus Rex Skull

Natural Science - Oviraptor Skull

Puzzles - Tyrannosaurus Rex Extreme 3-D Puzzle

Robot Projects - Power Start Capsela Robot #175

Robot Projects - Max-Out Capsela Robot #1000

Robot Projects - Max-Out Capsela Robot #1000

Robot Projects -Robot Racer Capsela Robot #73

Robot Projects - Lift'n Load Capsela Robot #680

Robot Projects - Aqua Explorer Capsela Robot #660

Robot Projects - Bug Builder Capsela Robot #620

Robot Projects - Morpha-Bot Capsela Robot #70

Capsela Colorworld #222, Capsela Colorworld #222

Plants - Sprout N Grow Window

Ant Farms- AntZone Ant Farm

Geology Projects - Geosafari Prospector's Mystery Rock

Geology Projects - Buried Treasure Egyptian Dig

Geology Projects - Buried Treasure Mayan Dig

Geology Projects - Buried Treasure Castle Dig

Geology Projects - Woolly Mammoth Ice Age Digs

Geology Projects - Saber-Tooth Cat Ice Age Digs

Geology Projects - Neanderthal Man Ice Age Digs

Geology Projects - Saber-Toothed Cat Xcavation

Geology Projects - Wolly Mammoth Xcavation

Geology Projects - Tyrannasaurus Rex Xcavation

Geology Projects - Brachiosaurus Xcavation

Geology Projects - Stegosaurus Xcavations

Geology Projects - Triceratops Xcavations

Geology Projects - Spinosaurus Xcavations

Geology Projects - Deinonychus Xcavations

Geology Projects - Tyrannosaurus Rex Dino Digs

Geology Projects - Triceratops Dino Digs

Geology Projects - Stegosaurus Dino Digs

Geology Projects - Velociraptors Dino Digs

Microscopes & Telescopes - Geosafari DuoVision

Chats & Poaster - 3-D Charts Human Body - Level 2

Chats & Poster - 3-D Zoology Charts - Invertebrates

Chats & Poster - 3-D Zoology Charts - Vertebrates

Microscopes & Slide - 12 Prepared Slides

Microscopes & Slide - 12 Blank Slides

Science Equipment Kits - Science Equipment Kit

Astronamy Kits - GeoSafari Motorized Solar System

Astronomy Kits - Glow-in-the-Dark Solar System - Outer Space

Telescopes - GeoSafari GeoStar Telescope

Binoculars & Accessories - Geosafari Field Explorer Kit

Science Experiment Kits - Discovery Prism - Light

Binoculars -GeoSafari Binoculars

Microscopes - MagniScope

Microscopes - Deluxe MagniScope

Astronomy Kits - Star Gazer Planetarium - Outer Space

Microscopes - Deluxe Microscope Kit - School Edition

Buy Template

Models - Dental Model (32 teeth)

Models - Molar & Incisor Model

Models - Human Heart Model

Models - 17" Human Skeleton Model

Models - Human Torso Model

Models - Middle Ear Model

Models - Skull & Brain Model

Sea-Monkeys - Ocean Zoo Sea-Monkey Starter Kit

Sea-Monkeys - Ocean of Light Sea-Monkey Kit

Sea-Monkeys - MagiQuarium (Sea Monkeys)

Pirate Gold Sea Monkeys

Reading Games - The Phonics game

Children's Geography Games - Geosafari Sea Search

Sea-Monkeys - Sea-Monkeys on Mars

Sea-Monkeys - Instand Ocean Sea Life

Sea-Monkeys - Magic Castle Sea-Monkey Kit

Robodiver Sea Monkeys

Adventures in Science - Backyard Science Kit

Adventures in Science - Dinos & Fossils kit

Adventures in Science - Electricity

Adventures In Science - Kitchen Science

Adventures In Science - Color & Light

Adventures In Science - Magnetism

Adventures In Science -How Things Work

Adventures in Science - Sky Science

Adventures in Science - Spy Science

Adventures in Science - Eco-Detective

Adventures in Science- Magic Tricks

Adventures in Science - The Human Body

Adventures in Science - Complete Set All 12 Kits

Learning - Frogs Anatomy

Learning - Bats Anatomy

Learning - Sharks Anatomy

Learning - Human Body Anatomy

Eggspert Classroom Game

Classroom Jeopardy, Jeopardy Game For Classrooms ( Without Upgrade Link )

Children's Math Games - Math Shark

Children's Games - Question-Air

Electronic Globes - Electronic World Globe

Children's Microscopes - Talking Microscope

Children's Telescopes - GeoSafari Talking Telescope


Electronic Experiments - 10-in-1 Electronics Lab

Electronic Experiments - Digital Recorder

Children's Reading Games - Geosafari Phonics Pad




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